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April 2014 Edition


On Saturday, May 7, all roads will literally lead to Lagos, as this year’s edition of the African Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN) kicks off.


The two-day event, which will be rounded off on Sunday, May 8, will showcase fashion from an African point of view.


The event will give an equal opportunity and priority to top fashion designers alongside new and emerging ones to celebrate African culture and styles, while increasing their passion for fashion.



The event will offer the practitioners a free platform to showcase their brands and network; it will also create a portal for new designers to integrate into the international fashion system and it will showcase the African textile industry to a global audience.


Expected at the coming event are fashion designers, fabric manufacturers and printers, jewelers, photographers, make-up artists, models, media houses, buyers and anyone that has any link with African fashion, especially with an African interest.


Africans are joining fellow Sierra Leoneans to mourn the death of its ex-president and war-time leader Ahmed Tejan Kabbah who died on 13 March  2014 at the age of 82 after a long illness.


Mr Kabbah died at his home in the capital, Freetown, with his wife and close family members at his side.


In a statement, Sierra Leone's government said Mr Kabbah's death was an "irreparable loss".

Mr Kabbah was praised for his leadership during and after Sierra's Leone's decade-long civil war.


The conflict officially ended in 2002 after foreign forces intervened to help defeat the rebels. However, tens of thousands died in the conflict, with many more maimed and raped.


Mr Kabbah was first elected president in 1996, ending a decade of military rule. He was briefly ousted in a military coup the following year before being restored to power by a West African regional force.


He won a landslide victory in the 2002 elections and was praised for maintaining peace and establishing democratic institutions, although he was also criticised for failing to tackle poverty.


"If we are now enjoying peace and stability in Sierra Leone, there is no way President Kabbah could be dissociated from that," government spokesman Abdulai Bayraytay said after his passing.


Born in 1932, Ahmad Tejan Kabbah began his career in public service in 1959, rising to become the youngest permanent secretary in the country in the late 1960s.


He then spent 21 years working for the UN Development Programme, based in New York, Lesotho and Tanzania.


An economist and attorney by professions, Kabbah spent many years working for the United Nations Development Programme. He retired from the United Nations and returned to Sierra Leone in 1992.




In his inauguration speech when he became President, he promised to end the civil war, which he indeed achieved later in his presidency.


An ethnic Mandingo, Kabbah was Sierra Leone's first Muslim head of state.


Most of Kabbah's time in office was influenced by the civil war with the Revolutionary United Front, led by Foday Sankoh.


As President, Kabbah opened direct negotiations with the RUF rebels in order to end the civil war. He signed several peace accords with the rebel leader, including the 1999 Lomé Peace Accord, in which the rebels, for the first time, agreed to a temporary cease fire with the Sierra Leone government. When the cease fire agreement with the rebels virtually collapsed, Kabbah campaigned for international assistant from the British, the United Nations Security Council, the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States to help defeat the rebels and restored peace and order in Sierra Leone.


When Kabbah declared the civil war officially over in early 2002, tens of thousands of Sierra Leoneans across the country took to the streets in celebrating the end of the war. He went on to easily win his final five year term in office in the presidential election later that year with 70.1% of the vote, defeating his main opponent, the current President, Ernest Bai Koroma of the main opposition All People's Congress (APC).


Kabbah spent nearly his entire career in the public sector.


Time magazine called Kabbah a "diamond in the rough" for his success as the first civilian elected ruler of Sierra Leone in 34 years and his role in the end of what became a decade long conflict. Although he himself was not considered corrupt, Kabbah has been accused of inability to deal with corrupt officials in his government many of whom are said to be profiting from the diamond trade.


Kabbah left office in September 2007 at the end of his second 5-year term. Constitutionally, he is ineligible to seek re-election.


Kabbah's wife Patricia, an ethnic Sherbro, died in 1998. He has five children: Mariama, Abu, Michael, Isata and Tejan Jr., and three grandchildren: Simone, Isata, and Aidan.


Adios, Grand Commander of the Order of the Republic of Sierra Leone.


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