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Gentle readers,


I have, in the past years, written of issues and events and matters, and so on to you. I have sometimes spoken directly to you, but often in relation to something else. This time, I am going to speak directly to you, because we need to have this talk. Or, maybe, to put it more correctly, I need to speak to you alone - intimately. I am writing because if there was a more appropriate time to tell you what I have to tell you, it is now. I am writing for no other reason but to let you know all that I am about to tell you.


Please do not take into consideration the fact that you are reading this piece in a public place, or that someone may be leaning over your shoulders and absorbing the material. It is a letter meant for no one else but you. Consider it a whisper into your beautiful ears. I hope you can feel me breathe as I speak to you. I hope you can sense my nearness, my closeness, the warmth seeping out of the pores of my skin as I speak to you. For in such manner do I wish to be close to you.


So, why am I writing this direct, intimate letter to you? Well, because, firstly, it is time I tell you one truth that I have never really told you: That I love you. I am writing, you see, because I love you.


I am writing because if no one ever told you in 2010 that they loved you, know now in 2011 that someone loves you. Know that that person loves you dearly, intimately, fully, completely.  Ok, maybe you have never met me before, but we need not meet, nor do we ever need to meet for my love to be real for you and to reach you. If you question yourself how it is that I can love you, I will say this: because I do think of your wellbeing, of what is best for you, of seeing you smile, of seeing you be your very best, of seeing you happy. Yes, someone loves you, thus you cannot... you can never ever say in 2011 that you are unloved… that someone does not love you. Someone loves you, no that from today on.


I am writing you too because I respect you. If no one ever respected you in 2010, know that in 2011, someone respects you. I respect you because you are honourable. Even if people have treated you poorly, shamefully, disgracefully and unimaginably, know that the respect you were born with is very much intact because someone sees and can never gainsay your worth as a human being. I respect you because you could never have reached where you are today or achieved what you have achieved today (even if you think it is not much) without effort that others know nothing about. I respect you because you have, at some point in your life, taken decisions that have one way or the other enhanced someone else’s life. If you think I am kidding or knows not what I am talking about, sit and think. Think carefully and see if you did not do something unique at some point in your life. Does anyone ever make you feel any less about yourself? Have people said stuff to shame you? They are all liars… you are respectful, you are respectable. You must walk through 2011 knowing this fact.


I am also writing you because I am in awe of you… in awe of the God who made you. How else would you be reading this piece if you were not so incredible, so awe-inspiring?  My sweet, gentle, lovely reader… you are alive. You are alive! At this instant, many are dead, some for natural reasons, some for unnatural reasons. But you, because you are so great, because of the greatness of the God who made you, you are yet alive, you have, surely, overcome all sorts of threats to your life, you are here. Not only are you here, you are strong enough, alert enough and vibrant enough to sit, stand, lie here reading this piece… listening to my whispers of love, endearment and affection.


I truly am affectionate towards you, because if no one ever told you, you are wonderful, lovely and so very, very beautiful. You are gorgeous, huggable, cuddly (however muscular you are)!!! If no one ever used those words on you in 2010, I am using them on you now in 2011.


Dear reader, there is so much I wish to tell you, so much I wish to announce to you about yourself, but my emotions are all over the place and so I can only do this bit. In any event, I want you to know that if any one ever hurts in 2011, if anyone ever shames you in 2011, if anyone ever disgraces you in 2011, if anyone ever belittles you in 2011, if anyone ever hits you in 2011, they have only done you the least of what they are doing to themselves. It will not be about you… but about them, because where you are concerned, there could be no better individual, there could be no better human being, there could be no more loved person, there could be no greater a promise. You are a promise, my dear one. That is what you are. If no one ever told you this in 2010, know it now in 2011, and go through 2011 knowing it. You are a child of promise. You came on earth with Divine purpose and Divine promise. How I wish I could engrave this truth in your psyche.


How I wish I could etch in your mind the fact that because of you… because you came on earth a child of promise, many of us can smile. I know you do not know that, nor can you even believe or imagine it, but because of you something is right somewhere. You may never know it, you may never see it, you may never even imagine how it works, but know it, that because of you, something good has at some point happened in the lives of mankind. And because of you, something good is yet to take place, good enough to affect mankind. Whether that good will come only once or twice or many times, you and I probably will never tell. Whether that good will happen today, tomorrow or somewhere in the future, neither you nor I will know. Whether that good will happen continuously from this day on, you and I will never know. But which ever fact is true, you are a true blessing to me as part of mankind, and I am so very grateful for that.


Thank you so much for being you, thank you so much for everything you have done that has changed, thank you so much for having lowered your standards and accepted to be part of what you are today. It is for all these reasons that I love you so much… and that I appreciate you so much; and for all these reasons I write you this letter. May you go through 2011 knowing all this.





*Barbara Gwanmesia is author, publisher and musical artist based in the Netherlands. She can be reached via

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