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Yoruba language made easy!

"Preserving your heritage language is the key to preserving your next generation, giving your child a true sense of identity and a high level of self-esteem.”


The above is a quote from Soji Oyenuga, the co-originator of “Yoruba for Kids Abroad,” a unique and highly interactive Yoruba for kids abroad language software, urging parents to rescue their children who might be culturally losing their English speaking Yoruba children to another culture.



Yorùbá (native name èdè Yorùbá, 'the Yorùbá language') is a Niger-Congo language spoken in West Africa by about 20 million people in Nigeria, Benin and Togo. Yoruba, a tonal language is also spoken in other parts of Africa, Europe, North America and Latin America.


Soji and his wife, Titi Oyenuga founded Saskatchewan, Canada based Gaptel Innovative Solutions Inc, a company that creates interactive and culture-rich language multimedia (software, videos, ebooks etc) for immigrant kids abroad.


Like most Yoruba parents abroad, the duo of Soji and Titi “watched helplessly how they were losing their next generation in a hurry due to lack of heritage language and cultural transfer. “Felt that they were almost becoming a failure and thought of their kids being a Yoruba outcast in terms of language, cultural value, mannerism and respect.”


They decided to do something about it, “Just before losing all hope, by exploring an idea that ultimately inspired the solution for them and many North American and European Immigrants.”

With a first degree in Computer Engineering and a Master's degree in Computer Science, Soji parleyed his training with that of his wife, Titi, who has her post secondary diploma degree in Marketing and Child Care Management, to have a great synergy.


According to the couple, “the unique, easy, fun, kid's friendly, game-like, Yoruba culture-rich and interactive software will systematically and psychologically take your kid(s) from zero interest level in Yoruba language & culture to a comfortable level of interest, understanding and speaking Yoruba language in as little as 27 days.”




The ground breaking and highly interactive software is broken into sections for ease of use. The game section acts as an irresistible incentive to encourage kids to learn the language daily. The puzzle section motivates kids to excel in whatever they do irrespective of their race, religion and educational background.


Some of the key benefits of this remarkable software includes practical day-to-day activities that immigrant kids engaged in, making it quicker to absorb, understand and speak the language; organized and visually presented in calendar form based on 27 days of interaction; game-like structure to make it interesting and engaging for kids; culture-rich multi-media settings, and helps kids gain real identity plus self esteem as Yoruba kids.


Some parents who have had the opportunity to use the interactive software gave their testimonies on the usefulness of it.  According to a Canada based medical doctor, Oladele Akinbolue, “the interactive software provides a modern approach to interactive teaching of Yoruba language and its nuances in the context of play and entertainment that most Diaspora children are familiar with. Its simplicity, practicality and attention to individual progress personally impressed me.” Another satisfied customer, Waheed S. Ayinde of Minnesota, USA said, “My boys tried the software, love it and want more of it. I really appreciate the efforts put into the programme. I wish you can interview the kids themselves, they are having fun with the software, and they are the one hustling me to get them the rest of the videos. It’s simply amazing.” Yet, another Canada based medical doctor, Paul Olawuwo Oladipo, among several others chipped in this testimony: “This is an excellent interactive software. It is written with simplicity and is easy to use even by those who are not computer-savvy. I like the way it is laid out and the quality of the graphics. This is a must-have software not only for all Diaspora parents who are concerned about having their children speak and understand their native language but also for parents back home. Our traditional societies are fast becoming westernised and we stand the risk of losing our kids to foreign cultures, this software is a valuable investment to guard against this.”



*Soji & Titi Oyenuga


The originators of “Yoruba For Kids Abroad,” are successful Nigerian (Yoruba) parents, and according to them, ‘have used the easy, fun and highly effective technique in the software/ebook to train their then six year old child to understand, speak, read and appreciate Yoruba Language, culture, ethics and mannerism in a very short time. ‘They strongly believe that you and your Yoruba child(ren) abroad could be the next success story.’


If you would like to buy the software or simply have questions or comment, you can reach the originators of “Yoruba For Kids Abroad” via their website:  and for Yoruba Language and other Nigerian Languages.

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