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By Yolanda Lindsay Mabuto*


Heart leaks


When you speak, my spirit leaks - pain

My eyes bleed every time you stare at me

And when you touch me

My heart momentarily stops

a part of me can’t ignore the depth of your dishonesty

The promises you make, quench the anger in me

You awaken a spirit that despises you.

Suffocating me in your arms -

Please-Don’t touch me!

Disguised in the form of man - I see right through you

Only a string of truth wrapped around your hand - the same hand

That brings fists towards my face.

Bruised in the shelter-prison of what you called love.

I resent you - for you stole a beauty within, shattered it with your bear hands

Then smiled at me.

The scars you placed, remain like tattoos on the fabric of my flesh -

Let me show you the wounds you engraved -

On my back, on my neck, on my heart.

Come closer -

Look at me -

This is the product of your cruelty and I’m ashamed to cry.

Clenched to my womb - a demon-child

Why would you do this to me.

I understand your plot - so calmly you attack


So blindly I gave-in

A tender-kiss coated in succulent sin

Leave me!

Why does my gut want to explode every time your near -

Step back - way way back.

As I sleep you slowly suck out the life in me- the smiles the laughter -

You keep me captivated in your abyss.

Channelling your being through mine -

It breaks my heart to think that all these weeks I’ve been playing the same game -

Fighting the same war

but this time, ‘love’ my heartfelt enemy.

You’re not good for me - never have

I believed that love could find the good in you- release you from your infidel-chains

But I was wrong - I played victim

I only have a big heart- big enough to trust, to love- the source of my agony.

My dearest:

When you begin to unravel the woman in me- things will change

Your past will escape

And when you are ready to be loved- or to love

It will be too late

For all you gave, will be the daughter to all you receive

A cherished birth, from all the hearts and bodies, you pierced

You broke -

You left empty -

And when you turn around- you will not find me.




Flow of my soul


Written in the palms of my fading haven - a script so weak

Inscribed in the abyss of loneliness, are the words of my heart - simple and neat. Like a dying river - flowing so meek through my silent grave.

Perhaps the end of my darkened nirvana - love is all I gave.

The end to the flow of my soul - where I met the dust that proclaimed me whole.

I love you not like the trees love the sun but I love you more.

A bitter sweet rendition of peace and war.

My love drips from every orifice of its pain - soothing every crevice that forms around you- again and again.

I love you dearly in the mid of north and south, parted by east and west,

I love you beyond the rest, risen from the finest and best.

Tis simple - the heart has sung and spoken, left open where your wounds have ridden.

The song is clear - I love you my dear.            




Mind Play


An invitation to the warmth of her body.

Coated with an elixir of her pain - so seductive the fortress from which I sip - soaked in her sensual rain.

Dripping from her mid - this love affair - as the walls echo to the song of valentine.

An invitation to the beauty of love - as warmth forms an arrow down her back.

A love philosophy - perhaps the tone of fragile ecstasy.

Explosive: the sweet heat of breath, as they gaze and whisper in love.

The desire of this heartfelt rendition only leaves lovers with far less than 'enough.' the end of this chapter, safe and sound- with regret nowhere to be found.

Recite the poetry of how love should be - written all over a darkened mane.

Love had been warned - from this sight would never be the same.

Remember the touch, the embrace - the contours of hidden lust - where truth is a must and reality lies between them and us.

Days like yesterday adorn this love: hand to hand, heart to heart: together forever and always unable to part.




Beautiful Love


 Love told me a little secret. it told me to love as though love itself has life.

It whispered in my ears through joy and strife - true love will never hurt you - despite all you've been through.

I listened as love continued to speak, so passionate the words that did leak.

I asked of its fears and worries-love had none, for the risk of such sentiments had been undone.

Love said, "keep me in your heart for as long as you feel - because one day you'll find what's truly real." despite pains of the past: this season make new love last - don't hesitate to explore - behind that beautiful door.

Let love in - let it stay, love as though there is no other way - to freedom for love knows a greater wisdom: to  love as though love itself has life.






So close.

So near.

That touch.

So affectionate.


so dear.

Like a vine caressing its stalk,

bodies do meet.

Don't speak.

Just dance.



Passion let's go, as guilt emerges.

dying surges.

faithful yet volcanoes erupt.

A valley of divine fruit,

sheds its succulence.

waters drift away across low valleys,

and smooth hills.

A dance known by two.





Warrior King (Ghana)


Nested in the west of its motherland

Placed at the warmth of heat.

Risen from a past empire-

A kingdom of no defeat.

Passion leaks from its golden finger-tips

The array of wealth and nurture- Cocoa skin, river depths- dwelling in their midst.

Red and greens quiver from beneath their feet-

The rhythm of koloko lute, goje fiddle Swollen in its beat.

Drenched in the strength of a warrior King-

This country stands- tattooed by a darkened star-

Hand-woven from the pride of GHANA.




Hidden behind yesterday


Why seek tomorrow when I cannot live today,

why try so hard when it all remains as yesterday.

Living each new day in thought and not deed,

is like planting a worthless seed.

Only I can seek a better tomorrow,

if only I could find the right path to follow.

Looking high and low it seems I won't succeed,

even hope and faith may not give me what I need.

Seeking the future and waiting for tomorrow’s sun

Is easily said than done.

Hidden behind yesterday lies tomorrow’s dreams,

it all remains the same; it’s just what it seems.

Neither tomorrow nor today

could rid the tears of yesterday.

But I can only close my eyes and hope for a better day.

I can only kneel and pray for my survival in God's way.

I can only wish that hidden behind yesterday,

lies a perfect future for me today.

I can only do my best,

and let my faith do the rest.

Hidden behind yesterday

are thoughts I can hardly say

but hidden behind yesterday

will allow me to survive today in a certain way.

Hidden behind yesterday, today and tomorrow,

are life's attributes I need to borrow

Hidden behind yesterday, today and tomorrow

I can only pray for guided sorrow.

Why seek tomorrow when I cannot live today,

why blossom when it will wither like yesterday.

The truth is tomorrow will come and go

and yesterday shall last no more.

So in faith I’ll let each day

be everyday as yesterday

and live today from yesterday for tomorrow




Walking past all differences


Slowly gathering pace to walk beyond what hurts,

across steep valleys of memories and burning deserts.                  

Moving ahead to leave behind the past

making all that drags me in pain an outcast.

Walking past all differences

ready for new blessings and changes.

Walking past what i thought could once be me,

but instead walk with my head high as i set myself free.

A journey that lasts as long as i want it to,

a path that now moulds into a breakthrough.

Going forward without turning back,

ready to fight no matter what may attack.

Guarded and protected by angels

Guided by my own faith to diminish rivals.

On a path adorned by fate and my destiny

On a path to really find who's me.

Letting go of what's holding on,

persevering and being strong.

Destroying every last pain and sorrow

watching it fade, drift away and become mellow.

Defeating defeat

refusing retreat.

Finding renewed hope,

New means to cope.

Walking past all differences and what was me,

walking towards my new inner beauty.





Swimming in the womb of life’s uncertainty
I’m searching for my way out but it’s misty
Afraid of escaping into a world- that’s so unsure?
Fading into a distant shore yet vivid future.
I’m fighting my way as an outlaw
Hesitating to open tomorrow’s door.
I’m left behind by the reality of this place
But I’m still trying so hard to fill this empty space
Each day I hang my life on fate’s thoughts
And I awaken in the arms of crafty risks of all sorts
Fear of choices and roads I’ve travelled
I’m baffled, humbled but sadly troubled
Afraid of what’s to come and yet the mystery?
amuses me -
Doubts of whom to become- uncertain.
I want, I wish, but I stop? again and again.
Risks- walking across the highroads with my eyes closed-
Torturing adventure but my anxiety remains exposed.
A future I see in a distance, drifts into paths unknown
But I wonder still - will I walk alone?
will I walk with love ?she
But who is she, and will she love me.
Baiting with fate to make my choice? thoughts of who I’ve imagined
But still my emotions hide? or defy my desire to be imprisoned -
Captivated by who she really is? and who I’ll be.
a life that’s completely complete.
So many miles between us- me and my love? this life
Uncertainties? both -
If not love then life- I love both
But I’m still standing at one end of this mystery with a merciless knife -
Cutting at my crossroads - letting loose when I should be holding on?
giving in when I should be staying strong.
So many miles between us - this life.
Unborn and afraid




Love this Christmas


Near the heat of the season

Snow falls-

Pine trees grow so tall

Awaiting the “star” top - shining

Embrace me in the cheer of giving

Among family and friends-

Sing until day comes and night ends -

Sing to me the songs so merry,

Seated at the table of love- so plenty

Bring a different kind of gift

Grant me love this Christmas -

Grant me love.

Near the heat of this season

Without reason

Bless me with the spirit of giving

friends and family- endless laughing

a special someone- a special gift

Bring me the warmth of love -

Bring me love this Christmas.




Goodbye Santa


I used to believe all gifts came down chimneys

That all dreams sprung from sleep.

Never did I know fairy tales to end

They just began, once upon a time

Passing through an eternal happily ever after

They were stories I thought life traced

Of princesses and princes unseen, unknown-

I believed one of these stories would foretell my own.

Until I woke up from this dream entering reality-

No gifts were wrapped under the tree

No chimney had been swept-

No tale had been written-

Just a thought- a dream-

Twas Santa who asked, what I’d want -

and I placed a note of dreams in his hands -

he sighed,

All hope had been cast upon a spell -

Spinning in a sinking wishing-well

A little girl wanting all dreams to come true -

But instead Santa cried out- Adieu.






Buried crimson and earthly light

as day awakens to night.

Whispers hurl in the wind, yet no sound,

Creatures of the prairie, far too loud.
Soft petals fall from the rarest vines

thorns sharpen their ghastly signs.

Slave to the seasons of emotion's game

Imprisoned by the need to make love tame.

Burnt by desires to seek refuge in disappointment.

The night sky deepens with resentment.


Lasts as long as the moon shimmers with needs

Out of sight,

Till withered and lifeless like a river's reeds.

Buried crimson and earthly light

as day awakens to night.




My Black is Beautiful


Ebony haze shimmers over my body-over my bones

Distant ancestors speak of past and future birthstones.

My roots whisper through my veins, through my hair

My lips, my eyes, my hips- secrets from my African heir.

Royal, defined, unique yet tamed

-My heritage has painted its craft on my mane-"Beautiful" I... have been named.

Echoes of a sensual tone leak from my voice

a perfect note- stern yet soft, mixed like alloys

voice of a beautiful woman-

a beautiful black woman.

Soaked in the grace of my kind-

beauty has been re-defined.

I'm black and i'm beautiful.

My black is beautiful.




When a man is whipped!


His eyes caught the attention of a lady so fine

body so perfect, figure of the number before nine.

You know the kinda girl that gets you wondering

coz now you think your sight and mind are playing games, hallucinating-

not only is her outside on point but he can bet her inside too

a character so cute she could get him to rap to looney tunes.

So he thinking

thinking real deep, just wishing.

Fingers crossed, “I shouldn't blow this”

Coz  he swears, SHE BE IT!

She smiles- he feels a little earthquake in his body

trying to find the words to say besides, “Lord have mercy.”

He finally walks up to her and says, “how you doing,baby ”

she ignores, totally occupied with her blackberry-

wait Nokia, no definitely Samsung

so he tries again, “hie,baby you got me hung”

What the.......did you just say, be the expression on her face

he just can't get his eyes off the lace

thats caressing her frame

“I said, baby what's your name?”

She smiles again, oh wat sweet death

“I'ma let you guess”

she says.

He says, “Could it be “Princess”

coz if asked if you were royalty, “I'd say HELL YES”

or perhaps, “Sapphire”, or anything else that rhymes with ....”ire”

coz girl you be blazing hotter than fire!

She says, “Boy you got jokes, but No”-

Read my lips and listen to my tone,

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