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By Yolanda Lindsay Mabuto*


Satin sentiments


Velvet shades caress every soul in me

My heart is leaking every scent in me

Every breath I have brings thoughts of us

Soft, sincere, scented with a golden musk

I'm whispering for love from a distance -

Walking behind every emotion with resistance

I can imagine a past lover's lane

but now I’m aching in the solitude of this pain

Drowning in satin sentiments

Swimming in thoughtless emotions

My heart is shaking with emptiness

Never thought I’d fight this loneliness

Every touch, every embrace - tears I cry

True love sleeps in me - I can't deny -

happiness in your eyes and your tone

I'm afraid to wake up without you - all alone

In my heart a silent frame

painted with only your name -

Afraid of lonely I’m holding you close

Afraid of hurt, I’m letting loose -

to love, to hate, passion and defeat

I'm confused - from this slow tempo beat

The rhythm of your heart sets mine ablaze

I feel warmth in this place - I'm amazed

If I say no - I know you'll wait -

but still my yes could one day, be too late?

Where you are is where I stand

Every word you sing is where I lay

Fears in me will surely understand -

that deep down I need you to stay

with me - by me, forever with me -

loving me, always near me -

but fate keeps playing games-

shaken from the thoughts I have awakened

hold my hands lets touch that sky -

soak your heart in my silent cry -

Love me today never let me go -

so open to me - don't shut your door -

sentiments so sweet, so lovely I see in you

satin emotions - warmth - In love - what do I do

Every song in me sings your harmonies

you fulfil all my silent fantasies

the music of your love shines within me

and every note - sets my heart free

I'm dancing in the arms of a beautiful tomorrow

a place where love has hidden my sorrow

I'll keep you always in my thoughts - in my mind

For in you I do find -

a greater love - I wish to hold onto

soul to soul - palm to palm- the love I have for you-

yet still a quiver of the unknown shakes me

Near or far - just love me

Tell me again about Paris Broadway -

I love hearing everything you have to say

kisses, touches - a sweet affair

teasing, caressing - if we dare

It’s crazy how my body lingers in your smile

With you - this heaven is so worthwhile -

Everything you say - becomes my voice

I've made paradise - our lover's choice

You bring tears with your love - your care

I love how you whisper - "I'll always be there,"

You love me for me - everyday

You love me dearly, in every way -

My body, your diary, write in me -

Recite the poetry of how our love should be

stain your emotions on every page

set cupid out of his secret cage -

I love you for you - I truly do

even after everything life put you through

you remained true to something you truly feel -

and I’m lost in this joy - it’s so so real




Daughter of this land


Footprints cluster on her path as she seeks home.

Seeking from a distance - a mirage of her weakness

A silent haven on which man walks

Perhaps where feet began to dance.

Where souls spoke and minds listened

to ancestors of a forgiving past.

Her flesh reminds them of the sounds of their old poetry,

Its illness quivers in their realizations.

She unravelled the truth of Africa, of home.

Perhaps it was her innocence.

A depraved mind in an angelic sense

Delusional illusions of what a writer has writ

Elusive at the tips of her synapses

The fireworks of thought

That ignited a war.

Possibly just imagination or a glimpse of hidden “site”-

Fugue the hymn of her secrets

Dripping from under her muu-muu.

From whom does her knowledge of this land descend -

Speaking from soul - from sin- from deep

Aware, inside-in, unaware, unprepared

Words did dare.

The only truth she held dear to her heart- was her frame

For her flesh belonged to this land -

In spirit, in body- daughter of this land.




A Love Story


Looking into the sky with its million cat eyes,

over night the essence of love is sealed, within a ring of great size.

Luring thoughts and ideas of enticing intentions,

where two minds in love fulfil sensual inventions.

Marriage is the thought, “will you marry me”, are the words,

as their souls combine to sing songs of mutual lovebirds.

Utter heaven! A Haven! Utopia! Subtle paradise!

As one man to one woman confesses, for my wife I shall pay the price.

Slipping a ruby ring on her finger whilst gazing in her eyes,

believing every word he had said, she thought he’d never tell lies.

They lay through the night as lovers do,

from dusk till dawn the hours seemed too few.

For years and years their love blossomed and grew,

who would have thought this love was untrue?

Who would have thought all good things come to an end?

That overnight this maiden would lose her friend.

It’s true at first he seemed like her divine jewel,

but after a few years this jewel became cruel.

The man she knew and loved, she grew to hate.

Could this have been destiny or misfortunes fate?

A man once so dear, trustworthy and real,

His warm tender love she could no longer feel.

Like seasons, their summer turned into winter.

Their love had blossomed and now began to wither.

She had always thought they’d walk pace with pace,

but with tears in her eyes, he turned his face.

“But you promised”, she whispered sadly

looking into his eyes searching for mercy.

Love he had promised, love he had sworn,

But that day all that love had gone.

Yesterday’s confessed love was tomorrow’s pain.

A transaction of love without any gain.

Denial, betrayal, anguish and hurt,

A fatal tragedy from his first flirt.

But like all flowers do, they grow and die, and like with love, their knot did untie.




Forbidden Fruit


Silence perceives the secretive vibrations in this heart

It beats so hard, thumping against walls: forcing them to fall apart.

So fragile these walls - wounded from the emotional conflict in this place

Everytime you're near - Everytime I see your face.

Love is not a war, or a game

or some sort of trade

but if I had to choose

I'd stand tall with the team that would lose.

It's not lack of courage, not doubt, not lust

but my morals make it a must.

too weak this flesh - so fond of you

Holding on- yet my body is screaming - “it's through.”

I can't love you

Even if my soul wants to

I can't touch, love, kiss

forbidden to reminisce

to think

to believe

for “thought” can make fate achieve

a reality so insane so

seductive this pain.

Standing in my own garden of Eden

this man, like that fruit- forbidden.

Silence perceives the secretive vibrations in this heart

It beats so hard, thumping against walls: forcing them to fall apart.

I can't risk that heartache -

I have to retreat before it’s too late.

Forbidden to create this fallacy in my head

trust, friendship, honesty, my morals - instead.

For my sake - do understand barefooted -

the soil on which I stand where

your fruit grows and teases me-

Cupid save me - so timid my last speck of dignity

Trapped in these Eden

You're Forbidden.




Frozen Heart


Crimson flakes scrape themselves off the orifice of a frozen heart

Every sharp edge cuts deep into every bleeding part,

Sadness deepens, sorrow darkens and every thought disappears with reality

Trapped in a world that doesn’t exist - trapped and longing to be freed into tranquillity

The python of fear spits at my face and my heart can’t replace-the emptiness in this place.

I’m holding onto so much and yet it’s this burden that’s letting go of something-

The weight of these thoughts remain as nothing.

The last days take strides in my mind - and I can’t seem to find

A place to hide - a person in whom to confide

Love stabs itself in its own pain -

Hate and fear continue to fight again.

I’m walking on the path engraved my name

And yet I feel as though I’m walking on somebody else’s lane.

Tears cringe at my weakness - I’m slowly defying happiness

Clinging and begging sadness to give me its heart - to love me

And yet that ship sailed into a deeper grief - to a faraway sea

Solid hearted- emotions stand still

Death welcomes my grave - if I will

Every whisper is studded with heartache

And with every memory my heart breaks.

Crying oceans and floating in the pool of resentment

Wondering what else- regret sent

Crimson flakes scrape themselves off the orifice of this frozen heart

Every sharp edge cuts deep into every bleeding part

The weight of these thoughts remain as nothing,

But deep inside, my hearts dying and my life is crying

I’m standing in my own heart- standing alone- deserted

This frozen heart- dies on its own - painfully neglected.




Sweeter than sweet


Sweeter than sweet within divine sensuality.

Emotions disguise disgraced love through a lady’s anatomy.

Sweeter than sweet moulded in a romantic touch.

Only cupid’s thread could weave this much.

Sweet yet sweeter than sweet,

Two minds in body’s scent liaise to meet.

Kneading like dough, moulded like clay,

Mingle in the heat in day night’s play.

Sweeter than sweet, taste of a goddesses? honey

Sharp sweetness with fragrance of the finest blue lily.

Sweeter than sweet, a maidens dear kiss,

Caressed with cinnamon dew on thy lips.

Succulent treasure, divine desire

Take your emotion’s cirrus even higher.

Let thy mid part for a lover’s affair

Taken by wind to a heaven somewhere.

Maximum height of excitements glory

Whispers in breath of a lover’s story.

Overwhelmed by beauty and by grace,

Like woven silk covered in lace.

Sweeter than sweet in your lovers arms

Sweeter than sweet in emotions charms.

His breath taken away by this romantic place

Her flames desire reflected from her face.




Dearest Mother


Heaven once sung of a woman.

A woman assembled from the finest sentiments

wrapped in the nurturing elixir of love.

They sung of her warmth, her embrace.

They sung of the joy that reflected off her face.

Written on her heart tender strength

affectionate from the depths of her soul.

The missing fraction of a family termed whole.

Heaven named her mother

That woman was you.

From above, they sent her to me,

to mould the beginning of my life’s destiny.

From my birth, I was given to you

And since then, treasures I have found in you.

Dearest Mother,

Words are not enough

My gratitude for your endless love goes for miles and beyond

Far enough that now heaven hears me sing their song

Of that woman, my dearest mother-

My love for you will always be that much, now and forever


#Dedicated to Wandle Dube’s Mother*




Fallen pieces*


Driven from my thoughts a past that still exists.

Where sorrow binds misery to my escape.

The love we shared formed a possible child -

a place from which I cannot find a solace-gate.

Hidden in you - the truth or denial

But love has much more to reveal.

So venomous my attempts to seek this

But now my heart exposed.

The truth is all that separates us

the flesh formed from my blood

a possible place of three

but that place you still deny me.

I cannot begin to explain the words that linger in my mind

or the emotions that you will find

hidden so deep for peace-sake

But a part of me alerts me of that mistake.

Tell me- what I need to know

so I can be free.

Free me from the chains that pain me.

Driven from my thoughts a future that may exist

a chance to exist as we should -

If only love could and if you’d

let me.


# Inspired by Wandle. Dube*




Philoscientry: She writes


She writes in the palms of true sentiment.

She writes from the depth of her soul.

She writes from the orifice of her name -

The abyss of her secret hole

Ensconced in her spirit.

She writes.

From a distance her echoes can be heard,

She lays her soul in an empty frame

Where vivid words caress her lips.


Silently in the walls that say, “I wish you well”

As her whispers drift in a room that sings.

Like seductive bullets

the antidote for her tears.

But who is she?

Montage-mosaic from where her IFRAN sprung,

Why are these tears engraved on her cheeks?

Not tears but words, SOUL-GEIST

The words she writes-phantom illusions.

Like a spirit drifting

Latin dust.

“AFAR” the dust she blows.

Echoes, whispers, sentiments, secrets unfold but…..

Who pulses so rhythmless to a tune of ectopic emotions

Some may sway, others clueless

of what birth has done-

to her song, sentiments, words.

She writes in the palms of true sentiment,

a queer philosophy of her soul.

She writes

Ensconced in her spirit

Birth to an unborn





Mind Play


An invitation -

to the warmth of her body.

Coated with an elixir of her pain -

So seductive the fortress from which I sip

Soaked in her sensual rain.

Drenched in her moist passion- she drips.

Dripping from her mid-

Drip -


from the arrow down her back

head, hair, hands hung back.

Dripping from the contours

Touch-caress - the beauty of her rhythm

The motion of her heat -

Sounds resonating within her system

Beating so smooth like a blue’s melody

Feenin’ her moaning symphony.

Come -

An invitation to the beauty of her thrust

Like drums - caught between her thighs

She sighs

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