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HELP: the world needs health workers
By Jacqueline Lampe

An Indigenous Arms Industry in Nigeria: Matters Arising
By Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema

Will your children speak your indigenous African language?
By Ato Bob

Stone Town
By Yan Kie Man

A Victor Foh Presidency Is Likely
By Aroun R Deen

Gender equality, a paradigm shift away from systems favouring men!
By Surujlall Motilall

Jinn Possession as a form of Cultural Resistance in Morocco, Part 1
By Mohammed Maarouf & Paul Willis

Africa needs to invest in its youth, education and agriculture
By Yaya Toure


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African Beer


Rise and fall of Muslim Scientists, part 1
By AbdulRasaq Badru

A tale of two basins
By Bishop Sunny Emmanuel


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October 2015 Edition


By Jacqueline Lampe*

According to a report released by the WHO during the recently concluded third Global Forum for Human Resources for Health, the world is short of 72 million healthcare workers. In just over 20 years, this number is set to double if the situation is not addressed.



Africa has a drastic shortage of community health workers. Although many ministries of health have made a community health strategy an integral part of their approach to universal health coverage, the training and empowerment of community health workers (CHWs) remains a challenge. Many ministries face common challenges, such as expensive classroom training with unpredictable attendance, lack of reliable reporting from community health workers in the field, declining CHW engagement, and a high dropout rate in the absence of paid incentives. - Read here


By Ato Bob*


“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” ‘Charlemagne’ (742 - 814, King of the Franks and Emperor of the Romans)




As soon as we are born we utter sounds which, with guidance of our parents and environment, develop into our most valuable tool for human interaction: language.


From that moment it is our most important medium to express ourselves towards others.

The language we then master will be our ‘mother tongue’ in which we then become a ‘native speaker’ as it is called. However nowadays more than often we acquire a second language also which we use frequently to communicate with others that don’t speak our mother tongue. Migrants are most often obliged to learn the language of their adopted country, while their children born there mostly make it their first language or become bilingual from the start. - Read here


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Legal Matters

By A.G. Kleijweg


Dear TAB Readers,


With matters of immigration law, it is not always bad news; sometimes I can bring good news to the readers’ attention.  In this article, I bring to your attention few important issues. Some are good news while others are only informative or warning. 


Read more on line

Other articles in this edition


Read the full text of articles below:

 Africa News

  • Kenya Nuclear power plant ambition gains momentum

  • Africa losing billions of dollars to money laundering

  • Cape Verde agricultural census date set

  • Tourism in South Africa slows over new visa regulations

  • Burkina Faso candidates cleared to run for presidential elections

  • Cameroon to support national agricultural development

  • Zimbabwe’s economic hardships intensifying

 Dutch News

  • Dutch government promised to address discrimination

  • Dutch universities get tougher on master’s degree students

  • A2:  is the most lucrative motor highway

  • Five people a day commit suicide in the Netherlands

  • Dutch prisoners to get extra vitamins for aggression

  • Only few police personnel are highly educated

  • Exports to non-EU countries double in 10 years

    Belgium News

    • App to avoid unpleasant surprises at Belgian customs

    • Government opts for new round of tax amnesty

    • Just 1 in 9 civil servants works until 65

    • Most towns are ready with refugee places

    • New police weapon fires paint ball bullets and pepper spray

    • Surge in online sales complaints in Belgium

    • Higher life expectancy in Sint-Martens-Latem

     Sports News 

    • Football hero C.K. Gyamfi passes on

    • Brown Ideye is now with Olympiakos

    • Sudan’s national football team coach resigns

    • All Africa Games now renamed ‘African Games’

    • Commonwealth Games 2022 in Durban

    • Controversial Japanese Olympic logo withdrawn

    • ..And More

    Other News

    • Dirtiest things on an airplane?

    • Women staring at the sun to lose weight

    • Malnourished boy breastfed by dog

    • ... And More 

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