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Ndioro Ndiaye: the charming professor and Advocate
By K. Jemael Mohamed

Sports . Sports . Sports
Edited by K. Jemael Mohamed

The Secret of Youth
By Barbara Gwanmesia

Access to Health Care is a Human Right
By Jacqueline Lampe, Director AMREF Flying Doctors

Contrast of the Cash Flow Statement and Income Statement
By Dauda Daramy

Rwanda Community in the Netherlands comes together
By Ato Bob (1)

Congo Netwerk Nederland, calling all Congolese!
By Ato Bob (2)

The Greatest Thing in History
By Rev. Surujlall Motilall

Suffer the little Children
By Caroline Achieng Otieno

Climate change is connected to women more than you think
By Amanda Uzor

The Barbarians are in town: The Kano Assault on Intellectualism
By Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema

A Common Ground for God
By Konye Obaji Ori


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Residence Permit & Family Reunion


The African Health Centre


An Unfeeling Allah?
By A. G. Badmus

Association - The Two Edged Sword
By Pastor Sunny Emmanuel


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The Displaced African

- Who spent six years and thousands of dollars making mistakes that future Immigrants can avoid.


A young African spends 6 years in Australia, stumbling in the dark, enduring semi-homelessness and accruing thousands of dollars in debts and now puts all his lessons online so that his fellow immigrants can learn from his mistakes.


When Tony Chomba Mwangi Njanja landed in Australia in 2002, he was immediately shipped off to an unknown boarding school far away from the cities of Australia.


What followed was 6 years of Mwangi stumbling in the dark, spending close to $10,000 and trying everything from joining the pick up artist community to being an award winning stage and television actor to fit into a society that he felt rejected him. He took all the lessons he learned from his various mishaps and started the blog he wishes he found when he first immigrated, the Displaced African (tDA) -


tDA has become a successful web based community where he shares his insights with the African immigrant community into how to fully maximize the immigrant experience and serve the continent of Africa. He discusses issues such as interracial relationships, success psychology, finding employment, conducts audio interviews with experts and even has guest articles written by other members of the immigrant community.


When I first landed here in 2002, I really had no one to show me the way at all,” remembers Mwangi, “and so far my journey has been a roller-coaster to say the least! I tried every crazy thing you can imagine from working out 3-4 times a day, putting myself thousands of dollars in credit card debt attending pick up workshops and buying online courses, starvation diets and living in a car in Sydney all to try and find my place in this country after the sting of initial rejection.”


Eventually around December of 2007, I made the decision that I would try one more crazy thing!" Leaving the secure job of nursing and opting to forever bear the taboo label of "college dropout" he opted to start up a blog without a proven marketplace or successful model to follow.

*Tony Chomba Mwangi Njanja

"Some people definitely thought it would be wiser for me to begin writing for a Caucasian market or create products that had been proven. I thought it was a risk worth taking to do something meaningful," remarks Mwangi.


The site has a quickly growing community around it and has been visited by close to 16,000 people and resulted in things the author could only previously have dreamed of such as:


  1. Being interviewed by the pre-eminent thinker on Internet business in Australia, Yaro Starak, whose words are read by more than 30,000 people a day. He has also networked with and been in contact with pre-eminent minds such as Timothy Ferriss and Jay Abraham.
  2. Newspaper interviews and a guest writing gigs on everything from online publications, to the 70th biggest website in Nigeria, Naija Ecash
  3. Becoming an expert author in the largest article website on Earth, Ezine articles.
  4. Featured in one of the largest national newspapers in Kenya (under odd circumstances)
  5. Interviews by international media including one of the largest newspapers in the city of Nairobi, Kenya and one of the pre-eminent radio stations in east Africa.


The blog has already begun to mint an income for the author in the form of contextual advertising programme Google Adsense. The author is currently testing out the various means to monetize a blog including banner advertising, podcast sponsorship and the most effective monetization technique in the blogosphere today: affiliate promotions.

According to one reader, "This site is a testament of why Web 2.0 couldn't have come at a better time for us Africans." To learn more about Mwangi and the site, pay a visit to the which has an online community dedicated to personal and collective development of
Africa and its migrant community. It is updated daily with empowering articles, videos and audio.

Editor’s Note: In the next edition TAB, you can read about Mwangi Njanja’s ‘An Open Letter to Women on How to Treat Men’


For fast, effective result, advertise your product or services in The African Bulletin.

Call 040 213 66 11 or e-mail

Legal Matters

By A.G. Kleijweg


Dear TAB Readers,


This article is written for those who were granted a residence permit as a refugee (vluchtelingenstatus) between 1 April 2001 and 1 October 2006 and who tried to get family reunion before 30 May 2008; the attempt of which must be known by the Immigration Authorities.


Read more on line

Other articles in this edition

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 Africa News


 Dutch News

    • Thousands celebrate anniversary of Nkrumah founded school

    • Uganda sets up learning centres for marginalised youths

    • World Bank to provide money for Africa

    • Diaspora Programme

      Cameroon receives World Bank grant for rural electrocution

    • Morocco to present Euro-Africa tunnel project to Spain at EU meeting

    • Zambia mourns as leader’s remains arrive home

    • Clinton pledges to help Rwandan economy, health sector

    • Danish envoy urges Tanzania to promote gender equality

    • China, Liberia sign memorandum for construction of schools

    • Kenya's ex-graft czar receives heroes welcome

    • Rally marks 25th anniversary of racist murder

    • Don’t bother us with minor crashes - Dutch Police

    • New campaign about language/integration

    • Ten million euros for immigrant youth policy

    • Surveys find Dutch impolite

    • Financial gain for tenants pursuing legal proceedings

    • Recognition of polygamous Muslim marriages

    • Woman flushes 900 euro bills down the toilet

 Belgium News


 Sports News 

    • Nazi symbol to attract customers

    • Brussels Airlines offers cheap flights within Europe

    • 3rd largest group of non EU is Congolese community

    • Arrests of Illegal workers at construction sites

    • Arson at Asylum Centre

    • Record Year for Casinos

    • 15 years on Belgium throne

    • ‘No Ground Troop in Afghanistan’

               Edited by

               K. Jemael  Mohamed

  • Cameroon U-17 soccer team wins Central Africa Soccer Cup

  • Cecafa bans defiant Tanzanian Club

  • Kenya, Tunisia to host continental Volleyball Championships

  • Jeneba Tarmoh: Young Track & Field Queen

  • Ghanaian Boxer knockouts Brazilian

  • Kenya Paralympics Coach drops dead

  • Africa triumphs in Beijing Olympics 2008

 Other News  

    • African Books
    • TAB Quiz
    • Best of Jokes

    • Obama and Africa

    • French to House Wallonia if Belgium splits

    • EU to cut cost of sms abroad by 2009

    • Western electronic waste dumped in Ghana

    • Less than one-third in U.S. satisfied with Bush

    • The Displaced African


    • Personal Financial Planning: 

      Contrast of the Cash Flow Statement and Income Statement

      By Dauda Daramy

    • Nigeria is the 26th largest world economy

    • Ethiopia: Firm to build sugar beet factory

    • Uganda President announces a $17m kitty for cooperatives

    • Kenya: Flower exporters appeal to EU to defer tax proposals

    • Ghana: Parliament ratifies sale of Telecoms to Vodafone

    • Rwanda: Currency appreciates against foreign currencies

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