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Dear friends, welcome back to our discussion on New World Order. Thank you very much for your patience, your persistence e-mails, and your calls and of course your questions. I received so many questions from “why many countries are politically independent and financially dependent, to ‘Will the New World Order foster real democracy or will the world be ruled by one super power, either the U.S.A or Britain, and how would the New World Order emerge? Someone asked me if I envision a world where fair-trade will ever be fair in deed, and where the resources of the weak nations will not create wars and conflicts within and outside world. 


I will try my best to respond to them in certain ways, maybe not put my opinion all around it. I know some of you would rather this becomes a Sunday, Sunday tonic, but the study takes more than that. As you have been following, I have explained in many terms the assumption of the initiators of the New World Order from the theoretical conspiracies to the present occurrences. During my studies on the New World Order I came across a publication of early 1942 in Philadelphia, that outlines (the) post-war New World map’, created by Maurice Gomberg, showing the New World Order a proposal to re-arrange the world after an allied victory against the Axis forces. Its title refers to a “New World Order”, a vague concept, its many definitions often contradicting each other.


At the core of the New World Order, however, is always the notion that a small group of powerful individuals, institutions, industries and/or nations must lead the world in the right direction (i.e. towards ‘unification). This may be against the worlds own will (and therefore done covertly, at least in some versions of the New World Order story), but ultimately it is for its own good. Many leaders are using this term, New World Order nowadays; even in G8’s and so forth. One of the most recent references to the New World Order by a major political figure was made by former US President George Bush (snr), who explicitly used the word, New World Order to refer to US objectives in a post-cold world war. In a modern context, it was the British imperialist Cecil Rhodes (who gave his name to Rhodesia) who first proposed a federal world government to be imposed by the US and the British Empire. Former US President Woodrow Wilson also embraced this similar concept to draw up his plans for a League of Nations in the aftermath of World War 1. Other regimes in the 20s, 30s, 40s, of the twentieth century also proposed some sort of New World Order - in fact, most styled themselves to be a ‘New order.  H.G. Wells of ‘War of the worlds’ - wrote ‘The Open conspiracy’ (1928) in which he describes his efforts to get intellectuals to back the idea of a ‘World Social Democracy and ‘The New World Order’ (1940), in which he details how a generation of struggle  will be necessary to overcome the opponents of such a global government.


However, I was able to present this particular question to the team of political analysts during a dinner meeting. What does “New World Order” mean? Does it guarantee real independence and justice? Smart question isn’t it? Well, given the continuing regional unrest and increasing social polarization; however, critics see a new world disorder. I wish to review here the trajectory of the post world war II  era, stating, the context for our current state of affairs and the challenges we face, and considering the prospects perception that there is no alternative to neo-liberal capitalism and argue that we can indeed articulate visions of a better society. The post world war II era began with a push for national liberation and social justice around the world. Against great odds, independence and revolutionary movements struggled for egalitarian social development. Yet, as things unfolded, imperial rulers often managed to thwart the drive for true independence and social justice. Neo-imperialism, combined with faults in the revolutions themselves, led to counterrevolutionary setbacks in the late 1980s. There are two distinct variations. Both expressions - a new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in the world political thought and the balance of power and the advent of a cryptoclastic or totalitarian world government- have relevance. Now the global geopolitical climate is changing rapidly and appears to be on the verge of realignment. This has become more apparent since the start of the global financial crisis, which finds its roots in the U.S. economic downturn. 

So how would a New World Order emerge? It seems that the global population would only be willing to accept the implementation of a New World Order, in either form, in the event of a major global crisis, such as the complete economic collapse of the United States of America. 

The U.S. is at the heart of the global economy because its dollar is currently the reserve currency of the world. Oil, gold and all major commodities are measured in U.S. dollars. If the U.S. were to collapse in the same way that Iceland and Latvia already have, the whole world would be affected. A New World Order would need to be formed that no longer relied on U.S. global       hegemony.

Many experts believe that this is not only possible, but likely. According to Professor Willem Buiter, a former member of the Monetary Policy Committee who is now at the London School of Economics, "There will, before long ... be a global dumping of U.S. dollar assets, including U.S. government assets... The past eight years of imperial overstretch; hubris and domestic and international abuse of power on the part of the Bush administration has left the U.S. materially weakened financially, economically, politically and morally." 

Other economic gurus agree. Peter Schiff, an American economic commentator and president of the stock brokerage firm Euro Pacific Capital Inc. was mocked by economist Art Laffer, when he accurately predicted, in 2006, that the U.S. housing market "bubble" would burst. Schiff now predicts that gold will climb to $2,000 per ounce in response to the U.S. dollar dropping "like a stone" and losing its status as the global reserve currency. Although, Maurice Gomberg, of who next to no information is traceable online, was an extra-terrestrial reptilian, although he has certainly a Jewish surname, which would make him a suspect at some points? It’s even been suggested that his map was a Nazi forgery’, to induce fear in America of a communist takeover of the world.  However, suggestions think it’s safer to assume that this map was an earnest attempt, out of aforementioned benevolent socialist sentiments, to propose a reorganization of the world that would end war once and for all, and bring “Permanent peace, freedom, justice, security and world reconstruction”. At least let that be our working assumption in evaluating this map. The main building blocks on his “New World Order was to be: A policy that should be designed by the US for a better world.


More on the New World Order and this policy!


*Amanda Uzor is with MAFED Foundation International based in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. To join the discussion on climate change and connection with women, e-mail: Website:

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