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The children are going back to school. Another new academic and working year begins for many adults... Another set of new programmes take root on TV, and maybe some new fad appears on the market.


September is a new beginning. One of many. Gentle reader, have you noticed how many opportunities are there for new beginnings? Your birthday; January and it’s ushering in of a new year; the beginning of summer; spring; autumn; winter… The beginning of the raining season? Dry season? Hamatan? Etc? But does it matter what any of these mean? Do you think, perhaps, that maybe there's some meaning to all these? That perhaps these new beginnings are nature’s insistence upon our psyches to constantly reinvent ourselves?


What do you reckon gentle reader? Could all these new beginnings be nature's way of calling our attention to something? To the fact that many of us may be living in consistent blindness to opportunities of new beginnings in our lives? Could these be nature's ever gentle way of prodding us that we are never in stagnation, but consistently being offered potentialities to growth, hope, evolutionary changes, even miracles, if not the more propitious, blessings?


Sweet, oh gentle, gentle reader, what if you have been walking past little miracles or blessings kept for you, walking heedlessly past them because you have not assimilated into your very core the significance of all these new beginnings... the message nature is attempting in its seamless roster to convey to you?


I was reading an article by Inyala Vanzant, one of America's most prominent spiritual teachers, when I came across a teaching that an opportunity never comes twice, but many opportunities come in life, sometimes following on the heels of the previous, etc. However, what if we do not see them as they come and go? What if we do not recognize these opportunities because we are too busy ignoring the new openings for new beginnings in our lives... too busy buried in the old routinized realities of our lives... our problems, our cares? Yes, new opportunities show up all the time, but if we do not see them as they come and go, they will just keep passing us; and season after season, new beginnings after new beginnings, the opportunities will come and go. Yes, they will, simply because we are so wrapped up with our lives and our circumstances, so wrapped up with our pains and our difficulties, so wrapped up with everything going around us that we do not take a moment to step back, to look up to the skies and just wonder at the vastness of that reality. We do not take a moment to stop thinking our usual thoughts (vengeful? angry? Envious? Fearful? Pleasure? Even joyful?) We do not pause for a moment to try to think differently, to try to wonder about who we are, why we think the things we think... We do not take a moment to appraise ourselves, the people we meet and communicate with on a daily basis, the stranger we spoke to for the first time, the document we received, etc… we do not pause to wonder what these contacts may all really mean.


Suppose we were to do something about these contacts whom we deliberately or inadvertently make? Suppose we were to write that email we were not planning to write just because we need to act in what may be our new beginning... just to write and thank, or comment on something, or acknowledge, or whatever? Suppose we were to see that painful document we received as a call to act in a certain way, or take an unusually bold and faith-based step? Suppose we were to go to the library or on the internet to find out more about that information or letter we received (say about a specific point in the letter)? Suppose we were to do any or all of these things, or even more? Do you think it is possible that we may, in doing so, turn a situation around simply as a result of what we find? Or who we speak to? Or where we look to or at? Could it be possible that we might discover something that may break open that new beginning that we needed to experience in that particular season of our lives?


New beginnings, new seasons, new days, new mornings... nature speaking to us, nature calling our attention to possibilities we may never have imagined probable... Nature whispering loudly that it is never too late, never too impossible, never too anything to begin anew, afresh... nature impressing upon us the things we lose by not acknowledging our right to material and spiritual evolutionary growth... Nature warning us that as long as we remain dogged in the confines of our old ideas, as long as we will not shake ourselves from the staid sameness in our thinking and actions and think up new ways of looking at old situations... new ways of looking at ourselves, our homes, our friends, our acquaintances, our children, our parents, other loved ones, etc, we will continually lose the opportunities for new beginnings…


September 2009 has begun, would you, sweet reader, pause for a moment and seize the moment to re-evaluate?


Sweet, gentle reader, because nature has shown us that new beginnings and their inherent opportunities are a natural law and as such our birthright, may this beginning season suddenly land you in that great opportunity and hope you have been dreaming of – yet thinking in too same and structured a manner to realize it. Recoup, regroup and recharge. Good luck for this new beginning.


Your friend and sister,


*Barbara Gwanmesia is author, publisher and musical artist based in the Netherlands
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