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October 2010 Edition

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Nigerian Woman Stabbed 45 times

By Anthony Ovwighose


On 7 September 2010, Stella Izekor, was brutally attacked by her husband, Gabriel David Agogo, the father of her two children in the town of Tongeren (Limburg) Brussels.


Stella and Gabriel both hail from Oghara-Ese in Delta state of Nigeria.


Stella who is still recuperating in the hospital from her severe wound narrated her story in company of her friend, Vivian who was also present during the gruesome attack. According to her, she was separated from Gabriel as a result of constant beating and brutalisation suffered from him in addition to the fact that she discovered that he impregnated another woman.  Under pressure from friends and family to forgive him and give him another chance, they reconciled but only experienced a short period of calm before the abuse and womanising returned. On several occasions during the regular fracas between them, she had to call in the police as she was afraid that he was going to carry out his threat of killing her.



She eventually decided to permanently end the relationship. Gabriel agreed to an amicable separation and moved out of the house, openly declaring that he never loved her but only stayed with her because of the children. Believing that many years of harassment and brutalisation had ended; she started a new relationship with another man, which hardly went into full gear before Gabriel came into the picture again. After finding out about her new relationship, he showed up at her house without any prior notice; asking for forgiveness and reconciliation. She flatly refused and asked him to leave. He left but not for long.


Stella got home late that fateful day to discover that Gabriel was at her house, allowed in by her friend Vivian, who never anticipated what was about to happen. Although, she got angry for allowing him into the house, she understood her explanation that he requested to see his children and because it was quite late to allow him stand outside. Stella agreed to let him spend the night in her living room while she went upstairs to her bedroom.


According to her, what happened next was unexpected, as Gabriel forced his way into her bedroom and requested that he call her new lover.  He insisted that he had the right to know who was dating her as long as his children lived in the house.  She refused and he gave him a 5-minute ultimatum to do so. With the noise getting louder and Stella shouting for help, her friend Vivian rushed upstairs to inquire what the problem was, but what happened next almost cost Vivian her life as Gabriel had already pulled out a knife and had started to stab Stella repeatedly. At the same time, he was shouting, “I will kill you today”.


Stella tried in vain to run out of the bedroom but the strength and grip of Gabriel was overpowering, that any hope of escaping was dashed. She was bleeding profusely and getting weaker and weaker. Several times, Vivian came to her rescue but was chased away with the threat to stab her if she returned. Vivian immediately called the police.


When Stella finally collapsed, Gabriel carried her and threw her out of the second floor window. He ran downstairs to where she landed and continued to stab her. All together, she was stabbed 45 times and she sustained a broken hand as a result of being thrown out of the second floor window.


When the police finally arrived, Gabriel was bragging that he killed her, because he actually thought she was dead before he stopped the attack; adding that he would also kill her family back home whenever he sets his foot in Nigeria.


Vivian, a witness to the gruesome ordeal corroborated Stella’s story. However, it was not possible to obtain any information from Gabriel, the attacker as he was still in police custody at the time of this report. Nonetheless, the issue is not what transpired between them but the degree of the crime is incomprehensible.

Remembering Africa’s biggest selling reggae Artiste

The reggae world was in total shock when the death news of Lucky Dube was announced on October 18, 2007. His millions of fans heard the news in disbelief.


The South African reggae star was shot dead when a group of men tried to hijack him and steal his car, a Chrysler in Rosettenville, south of Johannesburg, on the night of October 18 last year, while dropping off his teenage son and daughter at a friend’s home.


Arguably, Dube was Africa’s adventurous reggae artiste whose music touched millions across the globe. His career was off and running high when he joined Teal Records now (Gallo Music Group) as a young Mbaqanga singer in 1982. Dube changed his genre of music from traditional Zulu Mbaqanga style to the reggae in 1984.


Dube dubbed as front artiste, he cut a swathe through the reggae world as a successful non-Jamaican to break into the mainstream and became an outspoken towering figure. His themes revolved political, spiritual and social liberation for all regardless of background or race.




In Dube’s 25 year music career he recorded some impressive albums including ‘the tracks of Prisoner, Taxman, Slave, Victims, Together As One and Respect.


Undoubtedly, Dube fulfilled his potential as an artiste and positioned himself as Africa’s most distinguished reggae star. His death was a loss for Africa and the reggae world at large.


Dube songs continue to charm their ways into top charts around world and consolidating his strong presence among reggae music lovers.


Three men alleged to have killed the South African artiste were tried and found guilty on March 31, 2009; two of the men attempted to escape and were caught. The men were sentenced to life in prison.


Lucky Dube is survived by his wife, Zanele, and his seven children, Bongi, Nonkululeko, Thokozani, Laura, Siyanda, Philani and his brand new three-month old baby Melokuhle.


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