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Many Africans and Indians wondered why the Japanese can get reparation and the Jews can get billions of dollars from America and Europe annually, but never the Africans and Indians that where enslaved by America and European colonialists for over 400 years and are still lagging behind today economically, politically, socially, and academically because of this.


I even wondered why the late Pope John Paul II encouraged Catholics to treat the Jews better, but never the Africans and the Indians who may even be one of the highest Christian-minded populations in the world.

The reasons for these are that at this age no one respects a man with neither money nor power anymore; as it remains, “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil” (includes moral powers over humanity).


Japanese and the Jews have wealth, but Africans and Indians do not because of centuries of slavery and colonisation. They (colonialists) have purchased power to buy politicians in any nation, lobbying the United Nations, threatening and exploiting other nations’ imports and exports and even placing corrupt officers in distant lands to sway away from their decisions in their favours.


Africans and Indians on the other hand, are basically living for sustenance in Africa and other third world countries, due to corrupt officials favoured by external wealthy forces and are voiceless in western nations due to discrimination.
Wealth is never how much you make, but rather, how much you can produce to enhance the life of your members and influence the decisions of non-members in your favour even from a distance.  In order to produce, you must have access to resources.  Since Africans and Indians have been kept in a legalised racist position of generating wealth for others in exchange for sustenance, we must reverse that same trend to generate wealth for ourselves through the same legal system. We will never get reparation or be  respected until we generate wealth legally for ourselves in the eyes of the world.

America, along with their Western alias, are nations of and within their own laws.  Those who have the resources to buy, manufacture, hire, and interpret the law ultimately control or influence wealth politically, socially, and economically.  This is why the Jews, Arabs, Asians, Europeans and now the Hispanics are being respected, but never the Africans and the Indians. What Africans and Indians in the West must do, is to form or transform the main purpose of their organisations towards hiring young African and Indian lawyers, straight and fresh from law school trainings, as it was during Mahatma Ghandi of India, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Martin Luther King jar. of the USA, Linden Forbs Burnham of Guyana, Basdeo Pandey of Trinidad & Tobago, Michael Manly of Jamaica, Henk Arron of Suriname, etc. (just to name a few) and other vibrant lawyers of African and East-Indians decent, whom have fought vigorously and bitterly against America and European mighty empires, in consolidation to human rights abuses and imperialism.  Their sole purpose is to take on any and all civil right cases that deal with racism, racial profiling, police brutality, employment discrimination and imperialism which is still ongoing on the international trade table.


These lawyers should be expected to win at least 80% of their cases, to be retained annually and to get a set of commissions off their victories. There is nothing as sweet as becoming a wealth receptor from the very situations that are designed legally to keep you as their wealth generator.


I recommend African and Indian lawyers because it is self-employment, they can relate to inhumane abuses, it creates a love of consolidation to racial sovereignty, it will serve our people and increase the beliefs that we can financially enhance ourselves towards each other’s careers, dignity and pride. Moreover, others usually do not fight as hard, if they will take the cases at all or for them to settle for a pay off rather than allow your victory to become lawful, which can be referenced to future Africans and Indians against old slave laws that are still in used to hinder and deprive us.


The rewards from many of these cases are usually in the thousands and millions of dollars. This money can be used to hire more lawyers to win more cases and money which be used to create socio-economic benefits, farms, factories, industrialised infrastructures and distribution centres.


Then the world will awake and realised that Africans and Indians are in businesses, of hiring potential, qualified and experienced lawyers to win cases, this will not only help to eliminate racism because they will be losing their wealth, but most importantly, they will be forced to change their way of life.  Remember people do not change because they want to, but because they are forced to, due to their losses of valuables and integrity.


Factories and farms must be built and innovate to produces daily necessities, such as basic food items, recycling of garbage, manufacturing and sustaining the uses of natural resources etc. in order to guarantee sales and profits, in order to be much more self-sufficient and reliant locally.

So instead of waiting for others to determine when we get hired, fired, promoted, or a salary, we can hire our children and students to produce the goods, manage the distribution, and become customer services experts even at moderate pay.  Remember, that your own penny based on your own knowledge and organization will always be sweeter and beneficial than a degrading dollar.  The sweet penny is the foundation of a people’s wealth at all time.


*Rev. Surujlall Motilall lives in Roosendaal, the Netherlands

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