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Poem  #1

By Mercy Asiazobor*

Why do men do
The things they do
Why do birds sing
And bell rings
Why do people chose
What they can’t chew
Why do seas wave
And streams stray
O must men do
That they can’t undo
Must unborn babies
Become victims at womb
… they never chose to be made
See; innocence can’t be crime
Foetus can’t be criminals
But we judge them,
pass sentence,
execute them,
Is this a fair trial
Is it wrong to choose innocence
O why must men do
The things they do
And claim ‘cos choice abandoned them….

*Mercy Asiazobor is a third year political science student at Ambrose Ali University, Nigeria


Poem  #2

Mother Liberia
By Abraham Kollie*

Mother Liberia, where are you?
Mother Liberia, where are you?
Your children are crying, they are dying, where are you?
They fled under the wings of war and have fallen in hash hands.
No pity on them, where are you? 
They roam the streets and refugee camps around the world in quest for
Comfort, but they can’t find peace, where are you?
Mother Liberia, the mother that served as a stream to shower her children
When they needed bath, where are you?
The mother of fire that warm her children when they were cold,
Where are you?
The mother of comfort that pet her children when they needed comfort
Where are you?
The mother of sun that kept her children dried when they were wet,
Where are you?
The mother of milk that felt her children when they were hungry,
Where are you?
Oh! Mother Liberia, where are you?
Oh! Sweet mother Liberia, sweet like honey and milk the mother of all,
Where are you?
Beautiful like an early spring morning sun shine, Liberia! Where are you?
Beautiful like a rose garden before a queen’s palace, where are you?
Your children are thirsty, they’re hungry, & they’re suffering & home sake.
Where are you?
Mother Liberia wake-up and come to the aid of your children.
Don’t let them perish in foreign land. Oh! Sweet mother Liberia!
Oh! Mother Liberia, the mother of rain that falls and grows every seed
Where are you today?
Get up and stand for your weak and innocent children around the world.
Dedicated to my beloved country mother Liberia.

*Abraham Kollie lives in Amsterdam


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